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Velton Showell III


Velton W. Showell III
Founder & Chief Strategist
Leadership Dynamics International LLC
Velton is a dynamic internationally recognized speaker, trainer, published author, and business consultant. He speaks to, teaches, and trains clients all over the World encouraging them to transform their thinking to move their professional and personal performance from good to great!
Affectionately known as the Leadershipologist
o The author of the book “Leadership Dynamics, the Principles of Leadership”
Velton is a student of what he calls it Leadershipology, the study of Leadership.
He has researched and studied Leadership skills and principles over the last 30 years. He has studied and studies numerous individuals in leadership positions. How they interact, impact, and effect the individuals in their circle of influence. He studies and works with individuals seeking the responsibility and recognition of being placed in leadership rolls from the supervisory positions all the way to the C-suite.

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